Bead Master is an app that will allow you to create templates for melty beads. You can select any photo from your photo roll, scale and crop it to match your desire and choose from various sizes, color and border options in order to make the perfect template for your project. Afterwards you may save the template, print it or even place a transparent pegboard directly on top of your device.

The app is primarily aimed towards melty beads, but have several other uses.

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Bead Master is available for free at App Store

Bead Master also exists as a Pro edition with more options and a wider scope. Check it out here or at App Store



- Dithering (Floyd-Steinberg based)

- Palettes for Hama, Artkal, Nabbi & Perler

- Save color chart with colors used

- Export to pdf with color chart

- Print with color chart 

- Pegboard sizes: 14x14, 28x28 and 56x56



1) Tap main area to choose an image to transform

2) Use pinch genstures to zoom and position your image

3) Tap the "gear"-icon in order to se the various options

4) Press the white button to create your template

5) (optionally) Tap the undo button on the lower left hand side if you are not completely happy with your template

6) Tap and hold the template to save, print or export your template




Credits for bead RGB colors to lordthanda