Tennis42 (pronounced "tennis for two") is a newly created game for the almost 40 years old NES or Nintendo Entertainment System . The game is a remake of one of the first - if not the first - computer game, originally made for an oscilloscope (!). However the original required a lot of imagination in order to perceive it as a tennis match. This remake should remedy that.

The game is an exclusively 2 player game, so you'll need a partner - or a good coordination between your left and right brain halves.

A NES emulator like Mesen 2, FCEUX, Nestopia or similar is required. The new rom  can also be split and burned to EPROMs in order to play on an actual NES.

For the curious, the game is written in 6502 assembly and compiled using nesasm. The music is created in famistudio by Cutcreator and the graphics are made using custom Mac software, that might be released soon. You may check out a short description in the Desktop apps-section.

I won't guarantee the game is bug free, so if you encounter any, I would appreciate to learn about them.

The game is available as download on Maybe one day I'll start a kickstarter for a physical cartridge verision...