The Matrix Image Viewer or LmiViewer is a program that displays LMI, EVA and PAK images and animations.

The LMI and PAK formats are simple uncompressed binary image representation that are easy to decode on low spec microcontrollers such as ESP12/8266/32, Arduino, Teensy etc. The format is well suited for small TFT-displays or large LED matrix displays. While LMI are capable of storing color information in various bit lengths (1-bit mono, 8-bit, 16-bit and 24-bit RGB as well as 32-bit RGBA)  the PAK format is only stores 1-bit an is thus best suited for 1-bit monochrome displays such as the Nokia 3306 LCD and EVA stores 2-bit monochrome animations. Download samples

For more information about the file format and how to convert images and videos take a look the "Tool" section of this page.

Download for MacOS at App Store





- Support 1-bit PAK (still and animation)

- Support 1-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit LMI (still and animation)

- Support 2-bit EVA video (no sound)

- Finder integration with thumbnails and quick preview

- Default viewer

- Drag'n'drop to view

- Convert to PNG

- Toggle antialiasing - useful when working with pixel accuracy



- Cmd+O - Open file

- Cmd+W - Close current file

- Cmd+E - Export current LMI/PAK as PNG

- Cmd+P - Print current file

- T - Toggle antialiasing



Do you have any questions about the program please contact me at