gcodescale - tool to scale or translate gcode.


MacOS (universal 64-bit)


gcodescale -i FILE (-s scale) (-t translate) (-c comment)


gcodescale manipulates existing gcode by scaling and/or translating (moving) each point.

The resulting gcode will be written to a new file using the naming convention originalname_transformation.gcode.

 If no options are supplied gcodescale will dump information about the gcode



Name of the input file. This must be valid gcode.

-s (factor)

Scale the gcode by factor. A factor less than 1.0 will shrink the dimensions and one above 1.0 will increase the dimensions 

-t (x:new_horizontal_position,y:new_vertical_position)

Translates or moves all points in the gcode by new_horisontal_position and new_vertical_position


Preserves gcode comments


Display help message and exit.



Scale gcode to 75% of the original size. Resulting in a new file rose_scaled_75.svg

gcodescale -i rose.gcode -s .075

Move gcode 100 units to the left and 75 units up. Resulting in a new file rose_translated.svg

gcodescale -i rose.gcode -t x:-100,y:75

Combine translating and scaling by scaling to double size and moving 200 units to the right. Resulting in a new file rose_scaled200_translated.svg

gcodescale -i rose.gcode -s 2.0 -t x:200